German film series in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.
VOSE film screenings.
Every Monday at 6.30 pm at Casa Planas, av. Sant Ferran 21.
3€ donation (free for members and neighbours).
Limited capacity. Book your ticket at


06.05 Ökozid

Direction: Andres Veiel
90 min – 2020 – trailer

Synopsis: 2034, the consequences of climate catastrophe are dramatic. Drought and floods are destroying the resources of millions of people. In a temporary building in Berlin, the climate catastrophe becomes the subject of a court case.

13.05 Taste the Waste

(Taste the Waste)
Direction: Valentin Thurn
92 min – 2010 – trailer

Synopsis: Documentary about the daily waste of food products in large supermarkets because they are not commercially edible.

20.05 Zu Weit Weg

(Too Far)
Direction: Sarah Winkenstette
92 min – 2019 – trailer

Synopsis: A 12-year-old German boy shares his love for soccer with an 11-year-old Syrian refugee.

08.04 Dear Future Children

(Dear Future Children)
Direction: Franz Böhm
92 min – 2021 – trailer

Synopsis: This documentary is about three young women activists in Hong Kong, Chile, and Uganda, who struggle with the personal consequences of their activism.

15.04 Die Besteigung des Chimborazo

(Climbing the Chimborazo)
Direction: Rainer Simon
97 min – 1989 – trailer

Synopsis: In 1802, the young Alexander von Humboldt led a scientific expedition to Chimborazo in Ecuador, which was then believed to be the highest mountain in the world.

22.04 Die Pfefferkörner und der Schatz der Tiefsee

(The Peppercorns and the Treasure of the Deep Sea)
Direction: Christian Theede
94 min – 2017 – children audience– trailer

Synopsis: Five teenage friends join forces to discover who is behind the kidnapping of a missing oceanographer who has discovered a way to get rid of plastic waste in the ocean. Thus begins a race against time to save his life and their own future.

29.04 Lene und die Geister des Waldes

(Lene and the forest spirits)
Direction: Dieter Schumann
99 min – 2020 – trailer

Synopsis: Ten-year-old Lene goes to the Bavarian Forest for the first time. She starts her trip a little reluctantly, but suddenly the forest becomes a place full of strange creatures. One of them is "Waldobelix", half ghost, half national park guard.