Touristic Culture Observatory // COSTA

Financial support from the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation was the boost that Casa Planas needed in order to continue delving more deeply into the collective doctorate, started in 2017, exploring the impact of tourism on territory and human life. 

Through the Touristic Culture Observatory // COSTA, during 2024-25, a programme is to be developed with the aim of studying the ecosocial transformation of tourism. Casa Planas will create a platform for collective encounter and knowledge sharing in the form of an interdisciplinary study group, as well as facilitating the development of artistic and academic research residencies using material from the Planas Archive.

Subsequently, in 2025, the first international congress will be organised to share, discuss, and disseminate the results obtained from this interchange of knowledge.

The sessions will be open to citizens to work on the interlocution of perspectives.

Collective research group

The group, open to anyone who is interested, will meet monthly during 2024 and 2025, with the aim of reflecting on the impact of tourism on the territory and on life through contemporary images, crossing knowledge between artists, researchers, scientists, etc. If you are interested in participating or have a related project, please contact us at

18.01.24 – 5 pm  Sustainable Archives. With the participation of Jorge Blasco Gallardo.
01.02.24 – 5 pm  Image and Climate. With the participation of Carlos Alonso, CEO of WDNA.
07.03.24 – 5 pm  Overtourism. With the participation of Guillem Colom.
11.04.24 – 5 pm  Turisculture and purple economy. With the participation of Jaume Reus.
09.05.24 – 5 pm  From more to better. Transformation and circular progress of the Mallorcan hotel sector. With Maria Frontera (FEHM).
05.06.24 – 07.06.24  Conferences 2024. With the participation of GOB, Alba Sub, CSIC (Study Group: Fossil Aesthetics), UIB (Study Group: GIST), 1+2 Photographie & Sciences (France), INLAND, Blanca de la Torre.
05.09.24 – 5 pm  Narratives of water and Leisure. With the participation of Laia Ventayol.
18.10.24 – 5 pm  Photography and metadata.
07.11.24 – 5 pm  Environmental anthropology.